Glass Delusion

The “glass delusion” is a psychosomatic disorder in which people believe themselves to be made of glass and thus liable to shatter. It peaked centuries ago but there are still isolated cases today. Melodic outbursts, complex measures, lyrical heavenly parts with choirs and synths combined with heavy guitar riffs and an astonishing rhythm section are some of the features of “Glass Delusion”!

What Remains

This is a concept album. Vangelis Kakarougkas asked his friends Anastasios Kibizis, Vangelis Glavinas and Andreas Alamanos to participate in this project as session musicians and they stuck together forming a full band since! Furthermore, there were other great guest musicians (flutes, french horn, additional vocals… etc), who were very happy to take part in to this concept album and the result came out really breathtaking, thanks to these guys!

Illusory Sustenance

This album came out a bit more aggressive, musically speaking, by Vangelis. He experiments with different sounds and synthesises controversial harmonies together in a way that creates a more raw result with the help of Petros Politis (ex-guitarist at Equal Vector) in some rhythm and solo guitars.


After some years of experimenting, Vangelis sat down and created this music, with the help of some friends such as Petros Politis (ex-guitarist at Equal Vector) and Kostas Alexakis (brutal vocals, drummer at Acid Death). He started trying adding some vocals on his own and this “0545” is the final result!


What can we say about this release! 2004 was the year that Vangelis and Theodore (ex-drummer at Equal Vector) sat down and agreed that all the music ideas and riffs that Equal Vector didn’t use, their primary progressive metal band at the time, was destined to be compiled into this first approach of Sedate Illusion’s music. The recording, mixing and mastering was made at Vangelis’s home studio and that was the beginning of Sedate Illusion as a project as you can hear!