Glass Delusion Review by Metal Nation Radio

Glass Delusion is the 5th album by the Greek band Sedate Illusion, released on may 9th 2016. The band consists of Vangelis Kakarougkas (Vocals/Keys), Anastasios Kibizis (Guitars), Vangelis Glavinas (Bass), and Andreas Alamanos (Drums). Starting as a project with an instrumental album in 2004, this group has developed into a well functioning band pouring out great tunes. Curious what their latest album is all about? Read more and find out!

The band defines themselves as Progressive/Experimental metal. I could not think of a name more fitting for the music they make. Time signatures, rhythms and overall feeling of their music is purely progressive. They manage to combine progressive and experimental in the way that some sounds produced by the keys are not the average sounds found in music, ranging from piano to a Hammond organ that sounds a lot like a violin in Innocence Within, their first track on the album.

When listening to this song, I immediately felt familiar with their sound. How this is possible, I don’t know. It almost seemed like I have heard this band before, but I can assure you that I haven’t. Everything seems to be in the right place in the right time in this song. The musical complexity, the more simple parts, followed by another chorus. Very typical are the keys and guitar solos tightly following each other, almost creating a duel between Vangelis and Anastasios. All of a sudden the track breaks down into a beautiful ending.

The album track, ‘Glass Illusion’, is the longest track on the album with 10:21. When the song starts with the piano, a serene calmness comes over you. As soon as the Bouzouki (a Greek guitar-like instrument) enters the mix, I immediately wandered off to Greece in my thoughts. The track slowly builds up when the drums, guitar and bass enter. The Bouzouki remains present in most part of the songs, giving a folky twist to the music, creating a very Greek sound. This is something I have not heard in combination with metal yet, so that is a huge plus for the band. When the solo’s kick off around the 4 minute mark, the song becomes slightly more energetic. After this, the vocals turn into grunts, creating an even more unique combination. I doubt anyone has ever heard a Bouzouki in combination with grunts before! The overall atmosphere of this song is rather happy yet longing. Especially the musical interlude around 6:30. Imagine a documentary about Greek culture, this is the music played in such a documentary. When the guitars and keys enter the entire mix makes you want to jump around and dance! If there is anything I can appreciate in metal its new things and reaching back to your roots, which in this case is Greece.

Glass Illusion has 2 re-issues. All Will, which is from their 2012 album ‘Illusory Sustenance’ and Traumatic Skies taken from ‘0545’ released in 2010. All Will kicks off with a rather techno/dance sound which finds its way back throughout the rest of the song. This is not the average techno/dance you hear on the radio, but more towards 90’s techno, creating a great dynamic between old and new. Aside from the experimental sound, All Will may also be one of the most progressive tracks on the album. Has this song changed in the 4 years since its release? In my opinion, yes. Re-issuing All Will was a smart move by the band since it gained so much more power and musical presence that it cannot be ignored.

The overall album? Great.. simply.. great. When listening to it, I imagine Sedate Illusion to be the new Dream Theater with even more experimental music!

Therefore, I rate this album a well deserved 10/10!

by Dennis Winkel